The English Mistletoe Shop 2016/17

Welcome to the English Mistletoe Shop.  We are a small, winter season business supplying mistletoe-themed products. We specialise particularly in mistletoe grow-kits, books and cards.  Our mistletoe is harvested from farms across the English mistletoe heartlands of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire. Our 2015/16 season product range is pictured below.

Our postcard sets are currently on offer at £2.25 – with further discounts if buying more than one.

Our product range for 2016/17 will be announced soon. We are not selling fresh mistletoe online this season, but will be selling our popular grow-kits and grow-kit gift cards. 

The website is currently (late August 2016) being updated, so some sections may not work properly at present. But everything should be working fine by early September!


Our product range for winter 2016/17 will be summarised here soon:

Our these images or use the menus to see more information on each range.













More about the English Mistletoe Shop

A mass of mistletoe

Our aim is to provide a professional service, supplying high quality and freshly harvested mistletoe products, drawing on our experiences with the original Tenbury Wells online mistletoe business which we helped establish and run from 2004 to 2009, and on the expertise of mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs, who is a key part of our team.

All our pricing is inclusive of UK postage. If you need delivery outside the UK you’ll need to contact us before ordering. Some of our products cannot be sent abroad.

Despatch arrangements and timing vary according to the product bought. Grow-kit Gift CardsBooks, and other cards are normally despatched within 48 hours of your order. For Fresh Mistletoe we ask you to check the details on the buying page.  For the actual Mistletoe Grow-Kits we ask you to choose a despatch fortnight in spring. Please see individual product pages and our FAQ page  for full details.

For full Contact Information visit our FAQs page.  We are entirely web-based and do not have a physical shop.