Frequently Asked Questions

Mistletoe harvesting

Mistletoe harvesting

About the English Mistletoe Shop

We are a small, winter season business supplying fresh mistletoe, mistletoe grow-kits, books and cards. Our mistletoe is harvested from farms across the English mistletoe heartlands of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire. We are entirely online – we do not have a shop that you can visit.

Our aim is to provide a professional service, supplying high quality and freshly harvested mistletoe products, drawing on our experiences with the original Tenbury Wells online mistletoe business which we helped establish and run from 2004 to 2009, and on the expertise of mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs, who is a key part of our team.

    All our pricing is inclusive of UK postage. For delivery outside the UK please contact us before ordering.

Grow-Your-Own Kits are only despatched in February or March, but can be ordered any time from the autumn until March. There is a Grow-Kit Gift Card option if you want to give a Grow-Kit as a Christmas present.

Covid-19 Statement

We are a small team working from our own premises and are operating as normal throughout the Covid-19 crisis. We continue to work in a covid-secure way through lockdowns and other restrictions and are despatching orders as usual. Our business is all mail-order, with no direct contact with customers. We can be contacted as usual via email or the contact form below on this page.

Contact information

Online communication is the best way to contact us. You can use the Contact Form below or use your own email system to write to us at

Office address – English Mistletoe Shop, c/o 46 Arrowsmith Drive, Stonehouse, Glos, GL10 2QR. (we do not have an actual shop).

Phone – you can ring us on 01453 808215 but do note that in season we are often out of the office and you’ll get the answerphone.  We will ring you back – so do leave a message! The quickest way to contact us, wherever we are, is whilst online (which you are if you’re reading this!) using the contact form above or by email.  Please also note that we do not sell any medicinal mistletoe and that we cannot advise on mistletoe use in medicine.

Fresh Mistletoe 2023/24 season

Sorry, we are not selling fresh mistletoe to retail customers this season, but we are selling our popular grow-kits and grow-kit gift cards.

Mistletoe with ripe berries

Mistletoe with ripe berries

Pricing, Shipping and Delivery


We keep our prices as low as possible.  For some years we were able to absorb several increases in Royal Mail pricing and managed to kept our prices at 2016 levels until 2021. RM’s most recent postage increases, during 2022 and 2023, have been substantial and so we have reluctantly increased our prices by a small amount. Our prices from September 2023 are; Grow-Kits £17.75, Gift Cards £19.50, Mistletoe Book, £9.50, Postcard 4 pack £ £3.25, Postcard 6-pack £4.25.

How much is postage/shipping?

Our prices include UK post and packing, usually by Royal Mail First Class.  [Since the Jan 1st 2021 UK Withdrawal Deal from the EU there is uncertainty over Northern Ireland shipping, despite NI being within the UK. Please see the details below re NI.]

We cannot guarantee delivery on any particular day unless you make a special order – which will involve extra charge – please contact us before ordering if this is what you require.

If you require delivery outside the UK you must let us know before ordering – overseas orders placed without enquiring will be cancelled and refunded.

When do you despatch?
Despatch timing varies with the product ordered – as outlined below.

 – Books, Cards and Grow-Kit Gift Cards are normally despatched within two working days of your order, and are sent by Royal Mail First Class.

 – Grow-Kits are only despatched from early February to early April. The ordering system asks you to select a despatch period within this period to suit your requirements. Your kit will be prepared and posted to you by Royal Mail during that period.

When can I expect delivery?
Most orders are sent by First Class Royal Mail so should be delivered in 2 to 3 working days of despatch (for despatch timing see above), but we cannot guarantee any particular day (unless a special order by prior arrangement).  Please also bear in mind that transit times increase closer to Christmas. Order packaging includes a small return address label giving our business details – please let us know if you would prefer anonymous packaging.

Suitable host trees

Which trees are suitable for growing mistletoe?

Our mistletoe, Viscum album, grows on a very wide variety of host trees – so you can try it on almost any tree.  But it is probably best to try one of its favourite hosts.  In a cultivated environment these are Apple (Malus), Lime (Tilia), Poplar (Populus), some Willows (Salix), False Acacia (Robinia), Whitebeams and Rowans (Sorbus), Hawthorns (including ornamental ones) (Crateagus), some Maples (Acer).  Many shrubs and trees from the rose family (which includes apples, whitebeams, hawthorns etc) are suitable too – including Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles), Quince (Cydonia), Medlar (Mespilus) and many Cotoneasters. A few rose family species, like the Cherries and Plums (Prunus) and Pears (Pyrus) are less suitable but mistletoe will grow on these sometimes.

Mistletoe at the Tenbury Mistletoe Auctions

Mistletoe at the Tenbury Mistletoe Auctions

Keeping Mistletoe Fresh

How long does mistletoe keep?

English mistletoe will stay fresh for about two weeks – but only if it is kept cool. Once inside a heated building it will dry visibly after a few days.

Unlike most wholesale mistletoe dealers we do not store our mistletoe – instead we pick to order, aiming to ensure you get it as fresh as possible so that its ‘shelf-life’ with you is as long as possible. Delays in delivery (over weekends etc) can reduce its life significantly, as we have no control over how it is stored after it leaves us.


How do I order online?

You can order online by credit or debit card, which we process via Stripe or by PayPal (whether or not you have a PayPal account) or by Google or Apple Pay if you have those enabled on your browser. Having made your selection just click on the ‘Add-to-Cart’ button next to each item. You can then view the items in your shopping cart before proceeding to checkout (the cart can be accessed via the top or side menus, and any items in it will appear in summary in the left-hand column at all times). There is no obligation until you have completed checkout. If you use Google or Apple Pay you can order direct from some of the site pages without going to formal checkout.

Mistletoe Berries

Mistletoe Berries

How do I order by post?

You can order any item by post. Just write down want you want to order (making sure you add despatch period information where appropriate) and send that, with your delivery address information, email address if you have one (in case of any queries) and a cheque for the total amount (all our prices include UK shipping) payable to ‘English Mistletoe Shop’. Send all this to our office address: English Mistletoe Shop, c/o 46 Arrowsmith Drive, Stonehouse, Glos, GL10 2QR.

If you have any queries about ordering by post please contact us first. Email is easiest and quickest – our address is, though you can also phone. The shop phone is 01453 808215 but is often unattended – we will ring you back if you leave a message.

Can I order by phone?

We can now take debit or credit card orders by phone.  Do note that we are often away from the office so you may just get the answerphone – but we will ring you back if you leave a message.

Do you take debit and credit cards online?

You can checkout with any credit or debit card using either Stripe or PayPal – just follow the main Proceed to Checkout links and choose your preferred option. Stripe will take card details on the page, Paypal will take details in a pop-up. If you choose Paypal you ahve a choice of paying via your PayPal account (if you have one) or by debit or credit card (if you don’t).  Or if you have their pay systems enabled, you can pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Do I need a PayPal for online orders?

No, you do not need to have a PayPal account. You can pay with any card via Stripe or, if you opt for PayPal you can also pay with any card via PayPal.

Overseas orders

I am outside the UK mainland – how can I order?
Some of our products (fresh mistletoe and mistletoe grow-kits) cannot be sent outside Europe.

For Grow-Kit Orders within Europe but outside the UK mainland please see the post-Brexit information about Northern Ireland and the EU below.

For book or postcard orders anywhere overseas please contact us with your requirements. We will calculate the extra shipping costs, check this is acceptable to you and then send a tailored Paypal invoice. There may be customs restrictions in some countries. Overseas orders placed without contacting us will be cancelled and refunded.

Grow-kit orders to Northern Ireland and the EU (2021 update): Until 2020 we were able to ship Grow-Kits to EU destinations, some non-EU European countries and anywhere within the UK.  However since 1st January 2021 and the EU Withdrawal Deal there are additional restrictions on live plant shipping.  Shipping to anywhere in the EU plant health area (which includes Northern Ireland) now needs plant health certificates (with a chargeable visit from a government inspector for each) for every package as well as customs declarations for every package. We are not, therefore, currently able to take orders for NI or for EU countries as the legal processing would take too long and be too expensive.  We are sorry for any disappointment this causes for NI and EU customers.

Grow Kits cannot be sent outside Europe:  Because of plant import regulations (for many countries) and for ecological reasons we do not send our Mistletoe Grow-Kits outside Europe.

Bulk discounts:

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Coupon code ems10discount gives 10% reduction on order values (any mixture of products) £60.00 or over.

We may be able to offer discounts for larger orders –  contact us  for further information

Do you offer wholesale orders?

Please contact us with your enquiry.


Multiple deliveries

Can you deliver to multiple delivery addresses?

Orders to multiple addresses may incur additional costs – contact us with your requirement and we will let you know costs.


Do you sell mistletoe medicines?

No, we do not sell any medicinal mistletoe and we cannot advise on mistletoe use in medicine.


Harvesting in an apple orchard

Harvesting in an apple orchard

Other queries

Can I sell you my mistletoe?

We do not generally buy mistletoe that has already been cut – we prefer to cut it fresh ourselves from orchards, by agreement with the landowner/tenant.  We can offer, in conjunction with the harvest, a mistletoe management service, cutting both the female and male plants and reducing the burden of mistletoe overgrowth that is becoming a problem in so many orchards in our area. Much of this overgrowth is comprised of neglected male plants, left on the tree as they have little commercial value compared to the berried female plants.

Please note that we sell English (and sometimes Welsh) mistletoe – we do NOT buy (or sell) any mistletoe from outside the UK and have no interest in buying mistletoe from mainland Europe (or anywhere else in the World!).