Mistletoe Grow-Kit


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The original kit to grow your own mistletoe – buy one for yourself, or as a gift for a friend.

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Please read the description below (scroll down or click here) for full details before ordering. You may also be interested in our Grow-Kit Gift Card option. Pre-Christmas Sale! Grow-kits and Grow-Kit Gift cards reduced by 10%!

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Grow-Your-Own Mistletoe Kit

Our popular kits have been developed by mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs, and are an improved version of the original mistletoe kits he designed for Tenbury Mistletoe Enterprise from 2006-2009. Each kit contains 50-60 freshly-picked berries, carefully cut and packed to reduce damage.  This is enough for about 10 plantings.  The pack contains detailed full-colour instructions, labelling material and a recording form to keep track of each planting.  Kits cost £17.75 (including mainland UK shipping – for Brexit updates on EU and N Ireland shipping see below). Pre-Christmas Sale! Grow-kits and Grow-Kit Gift cards reduced by 10%!

An ideal romantic gift for gardeners, particularly as planting season coincides with Valentine’s Day.

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parantoegif3Despatch periods – and the Grow-Kit Gift Card option
The mistletoe planting season is February to April, and so our kits, with freshly picked ripe berries, are not sent out until February/March.  To order please choose a despatch period* from the list above – the Add-to-Basket button won’t work until you’ve selected a period. You can order any time from autumn onwards.  

*Despatch periods for the 2023/24 season will be:
1st-14th February 2024, 15th-29th February 2024, 1st-14th March 2024, 15th-31st March 2024.

If you want to give a Grow-Kit as a gift why not buy one of our Grow-Kit Gift Cards? These can be despatched any time, and are ideal for Christmas or Valentine’s gifts. The lucky recipient just has to return the voucher section to us (post-free) to get their kit delivered in spring.  Full details of our Gift Card options are given on the Grow-Kit Gift Cards page.

parantoegif1What else will you need?
A tree to grow it on, as it is a hemi-parasite of tree branches and can’t grow on its own. Apple trees are mistletoe’s favourite host, but lots of other garden tree species are also suitable (there’s a list in the kit and on our FAQs page here).

One last thing – you’ll need some patience, as mistletoe grows very slowly in the first 3 or 4 years. It’s well worth the wait, as once it gets established it grows quite fast, giving you plenty of kissing opportunities every Christmas!

parantoegif2Other information
We take pre-orders from autumn onwards – so you don’t have to wait until February before ordering. Indeed you are more likely to be able to pick a despatch period that suits you if you order early!

Please note that the seeds should be planted within 2 weeks of receipt – so do pick a period when you’ll be able to plant them.

Our grow-kit boxes are letter-box friendly – and will fit through most modern letter boxes. Please let us know if you need your order sent in anonymous packaging. 


Mistletoe Grow-Kit - boxed and unboxed

Our kits have been developed by mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs, and are an improved version of the popular kits he designed for Tenbury Mistletoe Enterprise from 2006-2009.

parantoegif1How to order
Please choose your Despatch Period from the drop-down option at the top of this page. The Add to Basket button will be clickable when you have chosen a Despatch Period.

If you would prefer a Grow-Kit Gift Card have a look at the options on our Gift Card page

If your order value comes to £60 or over use coupon code ems10discount at checkout for a 10% reduction.

Within the UK:
We can send Grow-Kits anywhere within the UK (including offshore islands) apart from Northern Ireland.

Outside mainland UK: We can send Grow-Kits to the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.  NI and EU: Post-Brexit we are sorry but we are currently unable to ship Grow-Kits to EU destinations or Northern Ireland because of the need for plant health certification and customs declarations for live plant shipping.  Outside Europe: Sorry, we do not send our Grow-Kits anywhere outside Europe.